I started tattooing in early 2000 in Mississippi..
Since then I have traveled the country trying to improve upon my chosen craft..
Many years have gone by ,but I have kept true to my roots.All ways striving to achieve the next level that lies just around the corner..
I have devoted myself to producing the highest quality in body art. I have sacrificed much for my profession ,but it is in these sacrifices that make a true professional. Someone who knows the value of quality. The knowledge of the secrets of successful tattooing have been passed from generations of tattooers. Feel confident in knowing that by choosing me, you will be receiving a beautiful and proper tattoo with the wearability many other tattooers cannot offer.

Please look over my body of work.. If you are interested in a tattoo ,or too commission a piece of artwork.. Call the shop to set up your FREE consultation.
Thank You,

Thomas Randall